9 CAS Ideas During a Pandemic

Many schools around the world opted to use remote or blended learning instead of the traditional face-to-face learning due to the COVID-19 situation. This leaves many of us worried on how to deal with school requirements, including on how to start/continue CAS activities despite the quarantine conditions. 

Nonetheless, there are a lot of ways to cope.  If you are blessed to have access to the Internet, you can find many virtual activities to enjoy! Here are some stay-at-home activities that may interest you for CAS.


I took many online courses that are related to business. You can enroll in online courses from following websites that I use:

  • Computer Science: You can look at their introduction of computer science to gain new skills and knowledge

Future Learn

  • Digital Skills: This course teaches a lot about e-commerce and marketing.


  • New Language: I took this course since I had a sudden interest in the Japanese language!

Although these sites offer free courses, you often need to pay to gain the certificates. However,  don’t be discouraged if you can’t gain access to the certificates.  You can still include it in your CAS reflection!  Be sure to include screenshots of the syllabus and one of your assignments, explain why you enrolled, what you learned in the course, and how you will apply your reflections to your real life.  Plus, you can apply for financial aid and gain certificates in some courses in Coursera and Edx. There are also online courses in Future Learn that give free certificates once you finish the course!


If you’re a year 2 IB student, you’re probably tired from sitting for so long trying to finish your EE and writing your IAs. Well, there’s no need to fret, because now you can work out at home! Here are some of my favorite home workout routines:  

The Ultimate Full-Body Workout | Work (Out) From Home With Nikki Torres

  • Niki Torres’ videos are great as it gives you alternative ways to follow if you’re not comfortable with the normal routine or if you’re a beginner. 


  • One thing I really like about Chloe Ting’s workout videos are her video editing and choice of background music. She puts how many sets you need to do as part of your progress. Her upbeat background music helps keep me moving. 


  • The title says it all. I like this video since I don’t need to do excessive movements that can alert the whole household that I’m exercising in my bedroom. 

If you’re like me and don’t usually like partaking in physical activity, these videos are easy to follow – especially if you’re a beginner. Aside from maintaining a healthier lifestyle, exercise can also help boost your productivity on schoolwork!


Join projects and/or organizations through their social media and websites. [Note: all three examples are based in the Philippines, but some of them have international branches*]


  • If you are interested in learning more about the environment and the systems that affect it, you should check out the Greenpeace organization!


  • CISV’s mission is to educate and inspire action for a more just and peaceful world through cultivating cross-cultural friendships. 
  • Fun fact: CISV is a global organization that has branches in 150 countries!

Kids For Kids 

  • Here is another organization called Kidsforkidsph. It aims to empower the youth through discussing climate and social justice for future generations. 
  • It’s known for its new #peopleandplanetpromise movement.

I have seen many organizations open their application forms via social media these past few months. Oftentimes, they provide criteria for specific roles (i.e social media, content, design/creatives, etc.). You can apply for roles that best fit your skills and interests – this can be useful for the learning outcomes of your CAS reflections. 

If you simply want to join a project/webinar, you can check out their official website or inquire through a private message in their social media account. There are many opportunities that you can access virtually. This is a good time to join activities and projects whose goals coincide with your interests and hobbies!

Lastly, be sure to communicate with your CAS advisor to approve any of these CAS experiences that you’re interested in!  Aside from completing CAS requirements, these experiences can be a breath of fresh air from your schoolwork. They’ll help develop many of your own personal skills, so you’ll grow as a person, too!

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