1. Global Virtual Summit (GVS)

IBlieve hosts a 3-hour long virtual event featuring Q&As, workshops, and 1:1 advice sessions. This is the perfect time to ask our friendly graduates your burning questions about IB, subject tips, revision, and whatever you want to know!

This year, we’ve hosted a total of three Global Virtual Summits in August, September, and October 2020 with 120+ attendees.

2. Live Chats

Do you want a chance to talk 1:1 with our top-scoring graduates? Sign up for our Live Chats to get personalized advice over 20 minutes! You can ask about:

  • IB Advice
  • Subject Tips
  • University Applications
  • & more!

Bring your questions! Don’t miss our next event:

These are both 100% FREE events, typically held at the end of every month. All IB students are welcome. We’ve had participants from all countries all over the world including USA, India, Turkey, Nigeria, Spain, Australia, Philippines, UK, and more!

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