We host regular friendly, informational events to support International Baccalaureate students. Our primary form of event is a Global Virtual Summit (GVS), which is a virtual workshop for IB students led by IB alumni with the aim of providing expertise, advice, insight, and guidance for the different components of the IB process. IBlieve’s GVS events bring together hundreds of students worldwide with the purpose of sharing information, asking questions, and getting advice from IB graduates.

Led by global, high-achieving IB graduates who have scored highly and are studying at elite universities including Stanford, Yale, UCL, Georgetown, and Oxford, events are highly supportive to students who are in the IB, allowing them to hear experiences and advice from graduates who understand their journey, as well as giving them a support network of like-minded students to ask direct questions to during the Q&A portion of the GVS. With hundreds of students in attendance as well as in sign-ups, our events have impacted the IB journey of more than 500+ students by providing invaluable guidance about topics such as College Application Cycles, the Extended Essay, and IB Internal Assessments and External Assessments, delivered by top scoring IB graduates from all across the world.

We’re currently working on more events for you! Keep an eye on our Luma, Instagram, and newsletter to stay updated on future events!

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