Free Mentoring and Tutoring

The knowledge and advice IB graduates can give current students is invaluable – a new perspective, recent experience, and friendly guidance which will make a big difference to one’s confidence.

Our IB graduates volunteer to tutor and mentor students who otherwise would not have access to this support. We know IB is a challenging program, but we also believe it is incredibly rewarding, especially when you have the right community and positive mindset to make it feel easier.

We help those who need it most. This free mentoring and tutoring programme is therefore aimed at students who have limited access to in-school support, who have difficult home learning environments, and students for whom paid private tutoring is inaccessible.

Subject Tutoring

Online tutoring to help students review subject-specific content and prepare for IB exams. Tutors will help students feel more confident in their subject.

Tutors can help:

  • explain content 
  • share strategies to solve problems and approach essays
  • provide feedback on past exam papers
  • give guidance on how to revise for exams


Online mentoring to guide students on how to navigate their two years of IB. Our goal as mentors is to encourage students so they have the positivity and skills to tackle the IB!

Mentors will share tips to:

  • stay organized
  • manage your time
  • reduce stress and stay healthy
  • balance academic work with social life and hobbies

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