The design team aims to create visually pleasing graphics, illustrations and posters for IBlieve platform such as website and social media. We hope to establish IBlieve’s unique identity with colors and shapes and reflect our community’s positive spirit. Besides creating aesthetically pleasing designs, we want to convert website articles information into simplified and digestible bites for IB students visually who visit our social media page. We also work collaboratively with other teams, for example, to encourage signups for events through GVS posters, introduce Grad Q&A and HSA take over on IG, and design annual report.

Millie Nguyen

Graphic Designer

🇻🇳 IB student in Vietnam

Bonnie Lau

Graphic Designer

🇹🇭 IB student in Thailand


We conduct IBlieve marketing campaigns and initiatives and are responsible for developing and overseeing digital marketing efforts. We also define strategic marketing plans and coordinate with the Design Team and Business team to create internal documents for IBlieve (such as annual reports, handbooks, etc.), making sure that IBlieve achieves objectives and plans for creative growth. As a team, we hope to increase IBlieve’s visibility by a substantial amount and promote fundraising campaigns.

Yassin Ahmed

Marketing Lead

🇦🇪 IB in the UAE

Mia Aiyana

Marketing Lead

🇦🇪 IB in the UAE


The newsletter team provides updates and sneak peaks from the IBlieve team through weekly newsletters. You can find the latest information about our newest events, team applications, view messages from grads in our student spotlight, and so much more! Our goal is to give every IB student feel they are apart of our wonderful IBlieve community, and give them the resources needed to succeed!

Celine Wu

Newsletter Writer

🇨🇦 IB student in Canada

Social Media

The Social Media team is responsible for the formulation of eye-catching informative multimedia content for IBlieve’s Social Media platforms (Instagram and TikTok) alongside the Design Team.

Yeyo Nartey

Social Media Lead

🇬🇭 IB grad in Ghana

Serlina Azaria

Social Media Lead

🇮🇩 IB student in Indonesia


The Video Team is the driving force behind the IBlieve Youtube channel. Our team of HSAs produce, film, and edit all our content, which include fun and relatable videos that can help ease the stresses often associated with being an IB student, as well as educational resources to aid students in their IB journeys. We also aim to provide insight into life as an IB student and tips for IB subjects, college applications, time management, and more! We hope that our videos will be able to demystify the IB program for our viewers and create a community that IB students can rely on and relate to.

Caitlin Co

Video Lead

🇵🇭 IB student in the Philippines

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