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IBlieve is an open community for prospective and current IB students who want to succeed in the Diploma Program (DP). We are a team of high-scoring IB graduates at top universities around the world who are committed to providing free resources, mentoring, and tutoring. As recent IB alumni, we understand the struggles of IB and recognize it is a challenging program, especially when high schools are disrupted by COVID-19.  We believe everyone can succeed if given the right community, resources, and guidance – which is what we as students ourselves are here to provide. Join us today!

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IBlieve provides online tutoring and mentoring that would otherwise be inaccessible for many students. We do this by partnering recent IB graduate volunteers with current students via video call and email to answer questions, explain concepts, and guide them to make the IB feel a bit easier.

Note: We aim to help those who need it most, so we prioritize those whose learning has been most impacted by the pandemic and have access to the least support.

Subject Tutoring

Online tutoring to help students review subject-specific content, revise, and prepare for IB exams to build their academic confidence.


Online mentoring to guide students on how to navigate their 2 years of IB and understand the overall program.

IB Organization

Check out our feature on the International Baccalaureate Alumni Blog! IBlieve’s co-founders, Imogen and Katie, talk about how IBlieve started, what challenges we’ve faced, and how studying the IB equipped us with valuable skills. You can read our interview below, and watch our features about our IB journeys here! We’re talking with IB Alumni to improve what IBlieve offers and make the IB the best it can be. Stay tuned!

Times Higher Education Student

We are partnered with Times Higher Education Student, a new arm of THE aimed at supporting high school students with university. Check out this webinar which Katie, Yasmin, Nisa, Bianca, and Yeyo, IBlieve volunteers, did with THE Student about studying abroad. We also advised on ‘How to make friends while studying virtually’ and ‘How to choose which university or country to study in’. Keep an eye out for THE’s Student Festivals in September and October which we’ll have some guest speakers at!


Pamoja, an online learning service which provides International Baccalaureate courses virtually, featured our article on its social media. Daria, an IBlieve High School Ambassador and Pamoja Student, wrote on our blog about ‘How to Succeed in Online Courses’.

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