IBlieve is a community for IB students worldwide.

IBlieve is an open, positive community for prospective and current students who want to succeed in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP). We are run by a volunteer team of current and graduate IB students from across the world, who work together virtually to run a range of initiatives. These include providing free mentoring and tutoring, regular events, blog articles, social media content, and an uplifting online community.

Visit here to see the Impact Report as a PDF.

This is the IBlieve Impact Report, published in January 2022, detailing what IBlieve has achieved since launching in July 2020! Read to learn about our journey through the COVID-19 pandemic to form a fully online, global team of 100+ committed IB students and graduates, supporting 100,000+ students so far.

Join 700+ students on Community Slack to chat about everything IB and life.

Offering free IB subject-specific tutoring from volunteer IB grads, for students who need it most.

Offering free IB mentoring from volunteer IB grads, for students who need it most.

We host regular events to provide IB students with tips, experiences, and community.

Join us as an IB student High School Ambassador or an IB graduate volunteer!

Find us with helpful posts on Instagram, videos on YouTube, and a podcast on Spotify!

Make sure to check out the IBlieve Blog too, with 250+ articles from IB students and graduates across the world on topics including IAs, EEs, CAS, subject help, and university applications!

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In Partnership With…

IB’s Festival of Hope

IBlieve is officially partnering with the IB’s Festival of Hope to strengthen youth voices in the IB community! View the official blog announcement here and video here!

IB Global Conference

IBlieve was also invited to the IB Global Conference in Dublin. Imogen Duke, co-founder of IBlieve, presented to over 1,700 leaders and educators about IBlieve’s journey since 2020 and future vision. In collaboration with the IB’s Festival of Hope, IBlieve co-hosted a successful event for IB students and alumni at Trinity College Dublin. Read more about IBlieve’s attendance in the conference here!

Pictured: Imogen Duke (co-founder of IBlieve), Maitha Qassim (co-Exec Director of IBlieve)

As Featured On…

IB Organization

Check out our feature on the International Baccalaureate Alumni Blog! IBlieve’s co-founders, Imogen and Katie, talk about how IBlieve started, what challenges we’ve faced, and how studying the IB equipped us with valuable skills. You can read our interview below, and watch our features about our IB journeys here! We’re talking with IB Alumni to improve what IBlieve offers and make the IB the best it can be. Stay tuned!

Times Higher Education Student

We are partnered with Times Higher Education Student, a new arm of THE aimed at supporting high school students with university. Check out this webinar which Katie, Yasmin, Nisa, Bianca, and Yeyo, IBlieve volunteers, did with THE Student about studying abroad. We also advised on ‘How to make friends while studying virtually’ and ‘How to choose which university or country to study in’. Keep an eye out for THE’s Student Festivals in September and October which we’ll have some guest speakers at!


Pamoja, an online learning service which provides International Baccalaureate courses virtually, featured our article on its social media. Daria, an IBlieve High School Ambassador and Pamoja Student, wrote on our blog about ‘How to Succeed in Online Courses’.

Yale Young Global Scholar

We co-hosted a session about the Yale Young Global Scholars summer program. Isa Dominguez, a YYGS alumni and current Yale student, did a Day in the Life on our Instagram @ib.lieve.