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How can I do CAS during the pandemic?

The IB can already be stressful, and navigating the program during a pandemic does not make things any easier. While it may seem like quarantine makes it more difficult to complete creativity, activity, service (CAS), there are many ways to pursue CAS experiences from within your own home. Here are some ideas. 

1. Continue your clubs and societies online

Chances are, before you started online learning, you were probably engaged in a few CAS activities through extracurricular clubs. There’s no reason for that to end! Think of creative and engaging ways to transfer these clubs to an online platform. If you’re in the debate club, try hosting debate practices on Zoom or Google Meets. You can even host online tournaments with other schools. 

2. Start a daily exercise routine

To fulfill that “activity” strand of CAS, start a daily (or daily-enough) exercise routine! Ever since quarantine started, so many workout challenges have popped up online (read: #ChloeTingChallenge), but all you have to do is create and stick to an exercise plan. It can be something as simple as going on a (socially-distanced) 3 km jog every day, or doing yoga for 30 minutes. You can even involve your friends and make it a group challenge! Just make sure to document your activity for your supervisor. 

We’ve all had those days…

3. Volunteer from home

CAS is also about “service,” and there are so many ways to serve communities during the pandemic. Starting fundraisers, producing informative content on social media, writing and interacting with vulnerable communities online are all different ways to volunteer. You can also kickstart your own project to address the needs within your community. There are so many opportunities out there to get involved. The world needs students like you more than ever. 

4. Share your creative side with the world

Finally, to complete CAS, you also need to explore “creativity.” If you’re an artist or musician, share your paintings or latest music pieces with the world through social media! You can upload them to YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or anywhere! If you prefer working in a group, try starting a virtual band, hosting a digital recital, or curating an online exhibition. There are so many possibilities. 

Even if you’re not a super talented artist, you can still foster creativity by writing a blog, picking up photography, or learning a new instrument. Quarantine is a fantastic time to explore that artsy, unique side of yourself!

Before starting any of these projects, make sure to consult your CAS coordinator. Each school often has different expectations and requirements when it comes to CAS, so make sure your activity will be approved before investing time and effort! Also remember to focus on yourself and prioritize your own mental health over pursuing CAS activities. These can be very stressful and anxious times, so don’t feel pressured to do CAS at the expense of your own wellbeing. Many of these suggestions, however, can help you spend a more fulfilling and fun time during quarantine.

Stay safe and have fun! 

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