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What did you do for your CAS project?

For my CAS project, I initiated a college help seminar at my local library in the middle of senior year. This college seminar program at the Bedford Public Library provided an opportunity for determined junior high/high school students to listen closely to college professionals. This helped to enhance their knowledge of how various colleges operate and ease the feeling of intimidation that many students may experience for their upcoming college application process. In addition, this project serves to promote a community of inquiry in which students are encouraged to ask questions or express their thoughts towards college experts and college students. Students were also able to interact and share ideas with one another in this one-month learning process filled with presentations and Q&As. 

My role in this project was to promote the seminars we will have amongst students in the district. To make this a successful project, my team and I went through a series of steps, starting with the monthly meetings and then had our own individual work time. Through each monthly meeting, we discussed our plan of action and formulated ideas about what to do for each session of the seminar. We each had a task to invite a college professional/student to a session to improve the quality of each session. We wrote down useful links to give out as brochures as a guide and carefully schedule each session. On the day of each session, we went to set up chairs and tables for the guest speakers, displayed the Powerpoint that was organized by me and my team, and allowed the guest speakers to share their perspectives to the parents and students.

For the first time, I found myself engaged in a roundtable discussion with a small group of students and college professionals. The seminar has encouraged me to expand my college list and maybe even look beyond Texas schools. This was such a rewarding experience as I have gained so much knowledge on how to approach the application, essays, and money.

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