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What if my school is struggling to provide IB?

I attended a high school in the US that, quite frankly, does not have enough funding to operate a fully-developed IB program. So, of course, my IB experience came with a few limitations, such as limited course options, a shortage of teachers (and thus, hybrid classes), and a lack of distinguished ToK instruction. So to anyone else who is attending a school that is struggling to provide IB, I would say, “You’re still in good hands!”. Good thing for you, IB is taught and assessed internationally.

Online Resources

Therefore, I would recommend that you look up different resources online, whether it be YouTube videos and study resources posted by other IB teachers around the world or things like course syllabi, IA examples, and past exams posted by IB itself. I found these kinds of online resources especially helpful as supplements to the material provided by my teachers. So yes, you may have to take more responsibility over your own academics to make up for what the school isn’t able to provide for you, but you can also find a lot of peer support in your classmates! Even just by reading through THIS very resource full of insights from a diverse group of IB alumni, I want to assure you that you are moving in the right direction and have the diligence to keep yourself accountable and successfully complete IB.

(NB: You can tell the IB if your school is not fairly providing IB or is breaking IB regulations. The whistleblowing policy is attached here. This doesn’t cover complaints about the quality of teaching or learning.)

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