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Why do the IB? (from an IB graduate)

I chose the IB because I liked the challenging aspect, which was something that was different from other content-based curriculums. Writing IAs, studying for tests, short-listing EE topics, organizing CAS activities, and a million more things were crossing my mind simultaneously. Given this, I knew that the IB would teach me multi-tasking and time management, which would help me immensely in university. The IB prepares you for a realistic university experience and provides an accurate preview of the workload. In actuality, it probably even makes the transition from high school to university easier

“What about time management?”

The difficulty of IB depends on your subjects, but the programme is definitely very rigorous. You need to try to let go of your ‘procrastinator’ instincts to make peace with that rigour at the earliest. Given the number of tasks you’re expected to do, you will inevitably learn how to manage your time. Learning your time-management techniques at the earliest will aid in higher productivity throughout your student journey. During the IB, I always had to-do lists, reminders, and timetables in my room, on my desktop, and even on my laptop as post-its. However, the skills that manifest themselves through my experience have helped me with daily tasks even after I graduated. 

“I’ve heard that the IB is extremely difficult, how did you deal with that?”

Personally, I always kept on reassuring myself that the rigour was for the best. Instead of constantly reminding yourself that the IB is a ‘difficult’ programme, try telling yourself that it will make you a better and more productive student. Optimism is the key to get through that rigour without constant reminders and demotivating comments about the IB ‘snatching away sleep’ or ‘robbing students from a social life’. It’s all in your mindset; begin with a positive outlook and end with a set of skills that you can apply in the future.

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  1. Thank you so much for the advice about optimism! I’ve signed for the IB and multiple students who’ve signed up for the IB, keep saying things like “Let’s be prepared for the chaos”, “Our sleep will be gone haha”, “We won’t have a life anymore”. It’s been hard to be positive sometimes because of the fact that I am more of a pessimist and I also struggle with procrastination (possibly occurring from my mental health problems). But I really want to enter this programme with a positive mindset in order to succeed. So thank you so much for offering a different perspective! I really appreciate this!

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