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Best IB Resources: From Textbooks to Past Papers

It’s always a bit exciting and nerve-wracking to start your IBDP and explore different resources available on the internet. For some of you, your studying experience might completely differ from what you are used to in your MYP years. To make it easier for of you, I have compiled a list of some IB resources that I found tremendously useful in my journey, along with my short reviews on each site listed below:

1. IBdocuments and IBresources (for Past Papers and Textbooks)

Both websites provide students with the latest past papers organized by year and by subject, as well as textbook PDFs from different publishers. These will be especially handy in the second year of IB when past papers will become your main go-to study material.

(Password for is examsnap)

Preview of IBresources website

2. Exam Mate (for Topical questions in Sciences, Economics & Mathematics):

Exam Mate provides students with topic-specific past paper questions and answers, as well as the ability to build their own exams for a cheap price (when compared to other similar websites). As of July 2020, their price for topical past papers is only 1 USD per month for a 12-month access. Personally, I have used this, since it allowed me to test myself on topics that I required extra practice in.

Preview of Exam Mate website

3. PDFDrive (for Textbooks)

If you find the textbook list in lacking, PDFDrive may work for you! It provides endless textbook PDFs that go beyond IB resources, which will help if you want to find additional resources to reinforce your understanding.

Preview of PDFDrive website

4. IBO Question Bank (or Past Papers):

This is the official site owned by the IBO for students to access past papers and mark schemes. While it is a useful resource, I have not personally tried it since it is rather expensive. If you are willing to buy a subscription, I recommend that you share the cost between your friends (10 users) so that you get to maximize its services. You can access the prices here.

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