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How to Choose an EE Topic (Business Management)

From the Extended Essay (EE), I gained research and time management skills that I would definitely apply to future academic projects. As I wrote a Business Management EE, I had to collect large amounts of research from various Internet sources such as opinion columns, research papers, financial statements, and government articles. I then collated all the important information from my research into one document.  This allowed me to be more organised with my sources and citations so that I only had a few tabs open when writing my EE. It also made the bibliography section of the EE much easier and faster.

I found it really helpful to get most of my EE done during the summer before Year 2. Personally, the start of IB Year 2 was very stressful with IAs and college applications, so I was glad that my EE was out of the way. However, every school has a different timeline, so when you do the EE ultimately depends on your school’s schedule. I would also suggest splitting up the EE into sections (Introduction, Methodology, Main body, Conclusion, Reflections), and setting individual deadlines. This way, the tasks don’t seem too overwhelming. 

Choosing a topic you are interested in, and sticking to your personal deadlines will make the EE a much more enjoyable task. The EE is a unique project to the IB, so use it as an opportunity to gain new skills and improve your expertise in a subject you enjoy. Best of luck!

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  1. Hi! I finished my EE but I was wondering if it’s necessary to add footnotes, particularly in a Business EE? Thank you!

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