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Life Lessons During the Pandemic

The pandemic has taught me valuable life lessons in three areas: work, family and friends.


This quarantine, I opened an online store on a site where I sell new and unused items. More significantly, I started a local home baking business selling tiramisu. Doing all this by myself has taught me the importance of practice. Curating the tiramisu was not easy – in fact, it took me around two months to perfect the recipe!

I learned the importance of having people who you can trust. It is essential to ask people for their opinions on your product and adjust to the majority’s liking while still having trust in yourself. If you are lucky like me, some will even offer to help you improve or promote your business!

Lastly, I learned the value of time and money management. You must learn to schedule your production date and time to maintain the quality of you and your products. It is also necessary to know how much your product is worth and how much you should sell it to gain profit. I like to keep a spreadsheet of my earnings and spendings to make sure I am making money.

Image of a slice of tiramisu
Source: @daphnesgoodies (Instagram)
Photo of two tiramisus elegantly decorated with the words Happy Birthday.
Source: @daphnesgoodies (Instagram)

Family & Friends

My family and friends taught, and still teach, me to enjoy my youth to its fullest. I sometimes wish time went by slower even though it is figuratively going faster and faster each day! Something I learned recently (and wished I could tell my younger self) is to enjoy the present and just live in the moment.

Continue to spend time with the people you care about and stop worrying about things not worthy of your time. We may not be able to control the passage of time, but we can decide what we’ll spend it on. This is something I must remember, especially now that most of my close friends live in different cities and go to different schools. I cannot wait for the day we can all reunite without the worries and anxieties of the world around us.

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