IB Overview What is IB?

How do I prepare for the IB?

Starting the IB can be a daunting task, so here are 3 tips to prepare for the IB!

Find what works best for you

Ideally, before you begin the IB, it would be best for you to identify a work technique that suits you the best. Is it mindmaps? Linear notes? Multicoloured notes? Using different fonts on the same page? Some people learn better with post-its, others learn better through lists. There is no ‘correct’ way to study, and it would be most beneficial for you, as a student, to identify your personalised learning method. Note-taking is a skill manifested differently by each student, and you’ll be required to take notes for all subjects (and even TOK classes). So, make it a point to know how you learn best, and then use the two IB years to effectively and efficiently apply your learning techniques to your coursework. 

Take a look at the subject guides

In addition to learning your personal work ethic, you may benefit from going over each subject’s subject guides (subject guides are long documents that look like this; make sure that you’re accessing the most recent guide pertaining to your examination session).  Doing this will give you a holistic review of the content you’ll be expected to learn over the next two years. Going over subject guides is also a good practice in helping you to decide what subjects you would like to choose as your HLs or SLs, if you haven’t already decided. 

Have an open mindset!

Most importantly, convince yourself that the IB is a learning journey; not everybody starts out perfect! Go in with an open mind, as an eager learner, and as an enthusiastic student. Having an optimistic outlook towards personal and academic growth is the best possible way to prepare yourself for the IB!

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