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Did IB help you get into Canadian Universities?

You might be wondering, after two years of the rigorous IB program, how will it give you an advantage when it comes to applying to Canadian universities?

An Overview to Applications

The IB core courses offer many courses ranging from Latin to Philosophy, meaning that wherever you’re headed after high school, you can apply that knowledge to just about anywhere. I will be writing about how the IB curriculum has helped me write supplementary applications in applying for Canadian universities.  

My Experience and Advantages of the IB

After high school, I was still unsure about what I wanted to do, so I did just about what every typical grade 12 student did: apply for every program related to our specific fields of interest. I applied for health-related programs including:

  • Health sciences (BSc and BMSc)
  • Nursing (BScN)
  • Health-promotion (BSc and BA)

When supplementary applications rolled around, CAS practically became my “secret weapon”. From 100+ hours of experiences in creativity, activity and service, I already had so much to talk about. When writing these applications, expect to see common questions like: “What were your top involvements in high school?” or “What were your most memorable experiences in high school?”. From your pocket full of CAS reflections, choose any of them that you think are best suited for the program that you’re applying for, and you’re set! 

Soon after, I encountered many open-ended questions. After completing almost two years of the program, critical thinking was already my second-nature. I used the critical method of analysis while taking into account its outstanding limitations and strengths. This is what makes IB students different from other applicants, we are equipped with not only the knowledge to shape the world but a toolbox of skills that can make a true difference.


My hard work did pay off! When May of 2020 came around, I had received admission to 13 out of the 14 programs that I had applied to, including some of the toughest health-related undergrad programs in Canada including:

  • Medical Sciences (BMSc) at Western University
  • Nursing (BScN) at Ryerson University

Overall, I am confident that the diverse set of skills and knowledge assets that the IB has taught me did not only help me get into my universities of choice, but it will also guide me through post-secondary and beyond. As hectic as the IB program might get, there is light at the other end of the tunnel, so don’t worry! Keep at it and you can do it!

Author’s note: Researching and/or thinking of applying to Canadian universities? Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about them! (find me on IG @_adashen).

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