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4 Tips on How to Select Your IB Subjects

If you are a prospective IB student, this is certainly a post for you. You don’t know how to choose your subjects? Do they all seem interesting, or are you worried if they don’t suit you? Here are a few factors to consider.  

1. Check university requirements

If you already know or have any ideas about your career. Some universities, mostly in Europe and Oceania, require a subject to be in HL or SL, so if you are interested, I suggest researching on the uni website or contacting the admissions office before selecting any subject to find out if your desired programme requires specific subjects at specific levels. 

2. Carefully read the IB Guide for each subject 

This was my main key to success and being comfortable. Here, you can find details about each subject, including their main topics, grade boundaries, and assessment areas, which can help you get an overview of what you’re getting into. If you aren’t sure what an IB Guide is, here is an example for Biology HL. You can find similar ones for other subjects on the internet.

3. Choose something you are interested in learning 

Ask yourself if you really want to learn your selected subjects. Because, remember, the IB Diploma Programme is not a choice for 1 month; it is a 2-year commitment. You have to be able to enjoy your learning experience in the long-run. Always keep an open mind in terms of learning, exploring, and discovering new subjects. 

4. Communication

Ask your teachers, IB Year 2 students, or grads for advice about subjects. They can clarify your doubts and encourage you to take their courses. Also, you can try to connect with the IBlieve community! If you have any questions or you want to know more about the advantages of taking any subjects, we can give you a hand. 

Always remember to select carefully.  The IB is a once in a lifetime experience, and you should enjoy it to your fullest. Hopefully, these suggestions will help you feel confident in taking the DP Programme!

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  1. Hi Micaela! I am a prospective IBDP student, I just got an admission and will soon be required to choose my subjects. I was really (excited) nervous about the whole thing but I actually did do a lot of research and I am quite comfortable now, though I would love if you could let me know what your subjects are or any other tips, as I am also planning on pursuing Economics.

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