What is exam season like?

Leading up to revision season, assess how much work you need to do, your shortcomings, and priorities. Think about your marks thus far from coursework, your comfort with each subject, weighting, etc, to prioritize. After this, you’ll have a general idea of what you need to do and can start to be more specific.

Find and adapt a way to study that works for you rather than simply taking other people’s techniques and copying. For example, I used spreadsheets to track my studying and comfort with each part of the syllabus. I think it’s really important to target your weak spots the most, and by the time exams start, you should be confident enough that you’ve studied enough. The most important part is just to relax during the actual exams – you’ve done all you can, so there’s no point fretting too much. Nervousness is counterproductive. Do whatever you need to keep a clear head – meditate, run, stay away from stressed-out people, whatever works for you. Don’t get too hung up after an exam. 

The most important takeaway from all this – be it coursework season, revision season, exam season, life in general – is to relax. Be constructive, be collected, be corrective, and it’ll all work out.

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