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What is CAS? How do I choose a project?

Creativity, Action, and Service

As its name implies, you have to complete Creative, Action, and Service (CAS) activities. CAS seems a lot more important than it ends up being. You need to complete a certain number satisfactory reflections to fulfil this aspect of IB—but it does not contribute to your grade score. These reflections can be pictures or just a short summary of what you have learnt.

It is great that the IB has a required element of doing extracurriculars, because it means there is the in-built expectation that you focus on doing activities outside of academics—which is hopefully reflected in your timetable. In reality, this means that you have the freedom to do activities you were already doing or would have done anyway.

CAS Requirements

CAS projects have to incorporate teamwork and last for over 1 month—though this can include preparation. Often, things you are already doing at school can count. For example, putting on a concert, doing an expedition, or preparing for a big debate can all count as CAS.


CAS is not something to stress about! If possible, do your reflections from the beginning of the IB—maybe 1 a week, taking literally less than 10 minutes. It’s best to do it consistently throughout the programme, as requirements may pile up and make this a last priority.

We understand that doing CAS during the pandemic may be hard to plan, so here are some tips to get you started!


  1. Can CAS be done individually? As in, without doing it in a group and doing a project yourself?

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