What happened on IB Results Day?

At IBlieve, we want to help reassure and inform students. We hope to be a calm and informed antidote to the frenzied spread of information on social media, but more friendly and personal than the official statements of the IB.

Overall, IB grades increased. The average score was 29.9, in comparison to 29.62 last year. The IB diploma pass rate rose to 78.75%, in comparison to 77.16% last year. 174,355 students around the world received IB Diploma Programme (DP) and IB Career-related Programme (CP) results.

However, there were also problems. Many students feel they were not awarded fair grades. Schools and teachers have complained that there is a lack of transparency over how grades were calculated, as they found the grades students received were different from those they were predicted.

The reaction to IB results day from students has been heated. On an Instagram post from the IB which celebrates students’ results, there are over 3000 comments, many of which question the process by which grades were given. There are also multiple petitions circling asking the IB to revise grades.

One has reached 12,000 signatures. Ali Zagmout, who started the petition, writes: “We’ve seen is a great deal of injustice; many students around the world got significantly lower final grades than what they were predicted.”

In England, the IB grading is being investigated by the exams watchdog Ofqual, Tes has revealed. Ofqual said: “We have requested information from IBO to scrutinise the awards it has made this summer and satisfy ourselves that results have been delivered in lien with our extraordinary regulatory framework.”

The IB told Tes that they understand there are “mixed emotions” over the grades, but points to the consistency of overall grade patterns and the basis of grades on coursework, predicted grades, and other assessments to argue that the grades are “reliable and valid”.

Talking to students, we found a mixture of feelings. Many are very proud of what they’ve achieved. But, students who achieved less than they were predicted feel they could have proven themselves had there been exams.

If students are unhappy with their grades, they can appeal through the Enquiry Upon Results and Appeals services, which they should ask their schools about. Students can also re-take exams in the November session.

We’re sending love and congratulations to all the 2020 IB grads.


  1. Thank you so much for talking about this issue. I fear that in 2 years (I will be graduating in 2022), something bad will happen again and my future will be ruined. Obviously, I don’t want to villainise the IBO, but I am really scared now.

  2. Thanks for informing us about this! I recently wrote about the reactions to IB results this year and my opinions on what the future possibly holds for a soon-to-be second year IB student like myself!

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