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Tips About Studying Global Politics 

In Group 3 subjects, it is hard to find techniques, tips, and methods to use while studying. As an IB student who is taking Global Politics HL, and loves it, here are some tips to overcome this difficulty in the Global Politics course; 

1 – Properly Understanding the Subject 

In class, sometimes we may fall behind or not understand the subject because of its complexity. The first step to fix this, understanding the subject correctly. When first introduced to the course, the terminology, phases, and theories may seem tough. Let’s say for that week, you have studied the unit “Power”, however, the theories and terminology seemed hard to understand. Firstly, read the subject until you are sure that you have taken in all of the information. While reading the chapter, highlight the information and case studies that seem vital to know. Similarly, highlight the phrases and terminology you have seen throughout the chapter in a different color. For the phrases and terminology, create flashcards. For the information, take your notes, based on the highlighted information and what you have understood from the chapter. Apply this method, until you are sure that you have understood the subject properly. 

2 – Case Studies 

One of the core parts of Global Politics is Case Studies. Case studies are contemporary global events and issues. In order to be familiar with them, whilst you are studying/learning the subject, also note the case studies that are related to the topic and research them, these will be crucial for Paper 2. Case studies do not have to be the same as what you have learned in class, you may hear different topics from the conferences, from your family, or the news.  The case studies differ from student to student. Maybe you can link the “Cambridge Analytica” case with the key concept of Sovereignty but some other students can link it with Globalization. It is totally up to you and your arguments based on the case! 

3- Three-Column Study 

Even though I learned the study method from the internet, I think it is one of the most influential study methods I have ever seen! While you are reading, whether from your book, or iPad, create a three-column table on your computer. In the first part of it, write down the title, the author and what you are reading. In the middle, write down what you have understood from the chapter as the topic. In the right column write down your notes from that chapter. The sentences do not have to be too complex or formal, just take note of them with your own sentences and words to fully understand the subject. There is an example for you to visualise;

To sum up, even though this subject is hard to study and comprehend completely,  I see it as one of the most exciting subjects to take. Learning about the current world affairs, the conjecture, and the ability to comment on them with the knowledge that you have is amazing. Hope you see it that way too!

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