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The Summer After Graduation

IB Externals are over, and the Extended Essay (among others) is no longer something to procrastinate on. You have worked hard these past two years, and now it’s time to take your first step into the real world., and now it’s time to take your first step into the real world. Personally, I felt excited at this stage of the program, but also slightly scared. However, there are things that I did to cope with my IB journey finally concluding! Here are some of them:

Result Day

As soon as Externals ended, I felt relief wash over me. The graduation celebrations and my future plans all excited me. However, despite being confident in my exam performance, I couldn’t help but feel intimidated for Result Day. By early July, I would know how well I had done, and if I was actually going to my dream university. This was a pretty heavy thought to ponder over an entire month and a half after externals. Fast forward to the present and having experienced Result Day, I can confirm that the stress and anxiety are simply not worth it. Of course, it is a natural thing to feel, but remember that every year there are students who go through what you are going through. You are not alone. In my case, I was so scared, I almost decided to not check my grades. And to let my school simply inform me if I had passed or failed. Despite that, I now look back and am proud of what I achieved during my IB years.

I would not have been able to fully appreciate the struggle to get to where I am if I had let my fears take over me that day. So my advice to all future IB graduates would be these. First, simply enjoy the time after exams and make lasting memories with your fellow classmates before you move on to the next step of your journey. Second, do not let overthinking take over. You have worked hard and tirelessly for the past two years.In the end, your efforts will always amount to something.

Internships and Volunteer Experiences

Working with a rigorous schedule and non-stop routine was something I got used to. Having a tight schedule and knowing what you had to do each hour of the day was the norm. However, after exam season, I felt that routine slip from my grasp. It left behind feelings of demotivation and boredom. It took me a while to realize this, but once I did, I worked hard to give my life a more stable structure again. I focused on the future possibilities and what I could do to motivate myself into being productive throughout the summer. It was kind of like CAS, without the reflections some of us did not enjoy.

I started focusing on an internship at a local school committed to tutoring children in orphanages. It was something purposeful while also allowing me to follow a steady routine to give the children the best education possible. That was an experience that really motivated me to go outside of my comfort zone and take in the possibilities life offers. Even after our academic years are over. I found that asking my school counselor about internship ideas was the best way forward. Additionally, keeping in contact with your teachers even after graduation is a great way to branch out and network!

Reflecting on the Post-IB future

All students, whether IB or not, somehow look forward to university. As I stand here on the precipice of life, I feel exhilarated. It is true that some IB students do not do as well as others in the program. Regardless, making it through the tough two-year journey is an accomplishment in itself. There is no greatest university, or greatest profession, something is only of value if you treasure it. Thus, regardless of scores and university prospects, I feel proud of weathering the journey.

As an IB student heading out into the world, you should too, having achieved this monumental milestone of graduating high school! However, always remember that grades will never define the whole story, it is the experience and the lessons you learned that matter. So, don’t let your IB results stop you from reaching for the stars and going on to do what you love. 

Remember that IB taught us to always persevere and overcome our obstacles, so keep reaching high and good luck!

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