Academic Group 3 Subjects

  Overview : Global Politics 

Global Politics is a group 3, also known as Individuals and Societies, subject. The subject dispenses to appreciate the complex nature of politics in a local, national, international, and global manner. Global Politics’ main aim is to enable students to understand the relation between the key political concepts with contemporary political issues in a variety of contexts. 

Curriculum Outline 

Global Politics focuses on more than one discipline. It focuses on multiple ones such as economics, history, politics, and law. There are 4 core units for both SL and HL and an engagement activity that is compulsory for both levels. 

Core Units: 4 Topics
Power, Sovereignty and International Relations, Human Rights Development, Peace and Conflict 

Compulsory for both SL and HL takers. 
Engagement Activity: 
An activity on a political issue of one’s interest is  complemented with research. 

Compulsory for both SL and HL takers. 
HL Extension : Global Political Challenges
An approached case study, researched and presented, selected two political issues of the following six global political challenges. 

Compulsory for only HL takers. 

Assessment Outline

Both levels are obligatory to finish Paper 1, Paper 2, and the internal which is the Engagement Activity. The table shows all of the mandatory exams and assessments to receive the grade. 

Assessments     Formats       Weight for SL        Weight for HL
Paper 1 Stimulus-based paper on a topic from one of the four core topics.%30%20
Paper 2 Extended response paper based on the four core units.%45%40
Internal Assessment : Engagement Activity A written report on a political issue explored through engagement and activity.%25%20
Internal Assessment : HL Extension – Global Political Challenges 
(HL only)
Two video-recorded oral presentations of two case studies were chosen from two different HL extension topics. 
(10 minutes each)

Deciding whether you should take the course or not 

When it comes to subject choices, especially if you are confused; there are a few things you should answer while making your decision about Global Politics. 

1.Interest in the Politics

Everyone is somehow related to or interested in politics. Though, this subject is not only related to politics; it requires curiosity, personal interest, and view on the topics. Global Politics focuses on more contemporary events than historic events. These contemporary events will be linked with the political concepts in the lessons. With those studies, you will be able to analyze the events that are happening in a political manner. Therefore, if you are impassioned with or the issues of today’s, you can find the subject entertaining. 

2. University and Career Choices 

If you are someone planning on choosing Law, Politics, and even History, Global Politics might be the one subject you would like to choose. Because not only will you have a base for the upcoming major you will study; it will also show the administrators that you are passionate about the subject you want to study at the university. Global Politics is, as said, about contemporary events. Supposing that you are curious about the daily occurrences, especially on a global scale, with the politics that are happening beside those; then it is not wrong to say that you are passionate. 

3. Writing Essay

As well as other Group 3 subjects, Global Politics requires a lot of writing. While there is no escape from essay writing, you should consider this particular thing whether you want to take the course or not. The difference about essay writing in Global Politics is that students are analyzing and using the case-study approach towards the essays. And not only assessments but the papers are based on writing short and long essays.  On paper 1, it usually has  “explain”  type of questions; on paper 2, since it is demanding an extended response, there are mainly discuss and evaluate type of questions. 

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