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How to Deal with University Rejection?

If you have ever applied to uni or if you will be applying soon, the dreaded thought of a rejection has likely crossed your mind. There is no denying that receiving a rejection letter especially from your dream school is soul crushing. Trust me, I’ve been there. 

However, after the emotional waterworks and impulsive snacking, I’m here to tell you that it is NOT the end of the world to be rejected from a university (even if it is your dream school). Now, here are some tips on how I coped with rejection and what to do next. 

1. Let your feelings out.

Getting rejected from a university you really wanted to go to is definitely a difficult situation. Remember that it is okay to feel sad. You can also try to do activities to help you feel better. I find that talking to a friend or family member cheers me up.

2. Know that a university rejection does NOT define you!

It’s easy to feel like a rejection means that you are not smart enough or completely unqualified. However, do remember that the admissions process is highly complex and there could have been external factors that lead to the decision. Another tip is to focus on your other acceptances and accomplishments instead of the rejection.

3. Decide on whether or not you will appeal the decision. 

Most universities will allow you to write an appeal letter. This will allow your application to be reconsidered by the admissions team. If you are sure that you still want to attend that university, writing an appeal may be worth your time. Do note that not all universities accept appeal letters, so check individual requirements first!

4. Consider your current options for university. 

Although you may not have gotten into your dream school, there are other universities out there for you. Hopefully you were accepted into the other universities you applied to. Then, you can commit to one of those schools. If not, you can opt to enroll at a local community college or even take a gap year.

5. Realize that there are other opportunities to attend your dream school. 

Remember that getting accepted for freshman year and earning a bachelor’s degree is not the only way to attend your ideal university. You can always opt to attend another university and reapply as a transfer student. Another option would be to complete your graduate studies at your dream university. 

Although facing rejection is tough, remember that it is a completely normal part of life. You can and will get through it. Hang in there! 

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