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Best Resources for Biology HL

Here are some resources that I found useful when taking the Biology HL course (pre-2020 September curriculum). Although the curriculum might have changed, these resources will help in providing extra material for the core content (topics 1 to 6). 

General and Official Resources

IBO’s Official Biology HL Course Syllabus

  • This will most likely be given out on your first day, this consists of all the learning outcomes and key concepts of the course
  • How I used this resource: A checklist to help keep me on track with the course assessment objectives that I need to revise and checking the nature of biology (a category under the nature of science) to help me approach this subject through the different WOKs (Ways of Knowing) for when I am doing assessments in TOK

IB Biology Study Guide by Oxford

  • A study guide that covers everything in the Biology HL course
  • Perfect for: Pre-studying and practice questions (the same examiners who write the official Paper 1 and 2 exams often write this as well, so you will more than prepared using this guide)
  • How I used this resource: Mainly for questions, Paper 3 was my biggest concern and this resource gave me loads of practice

Chris Paine on SlideShare

  • Perfect for: Reviewing key concepts, checking for comprehension by reviewing the required understandings, applications and skills
  • How I used this resource: I copied down every statement below and answered them like a question I would see on the Paper 1 or 2 to check for understanding
Statements of Learning from 10.2 Inheritance AHL


  • A continuation of the resource above, this source goes hand-in-hand with the presentations
  • Perfect for: Testing yourself! The “Quick Quiz” section tests your knowledge from just a certain lesson/concept
  • How I used this resource: I wrote down tips/tricks for answering questions and points of focus from the presentation above

Websites and YouTube Channels


  • This is by-far the most comprehensive and complete source there is. From worksheets, study review documents and interactive simulations, this is my most recommended resource
  • Perfect for : Reviewing detailed summaries and concept-revision!


  • The online question bank for free! (note: this might be removed soon due to copyrights)
  • All paper 1, 2 and 3 questions for most of the DP subjects can be found here

Alex Lee: Thorough explanations, detailed analogies, includes most AHL options, videos are labelled using the IB Bio topics

Amoeba Sisters: Good for just covering one concept in-depth, includes some AHL concepts, videos are not labelled using the IB Bio topics

Crash Course’s Biology Playlist: Relatively longer videos that cover the IB curriculum and beyond (but worth the time!), includes some AHL concepts, videos are not labelled using the IB Bio topics

There are various ways in which each resource can be used, use just one, or use all, it’s up to you! And when you’re done studying, don’t forget to give yourself a hug because you deserve it!

Picture from Biology Puns

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