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6 Resources Every IB Arabic B Student Needs To Use

IB Arabic Language B may be challenging because the use of classical Arabic language in our day to day life is uncommon. Coming from a non-native speaker herself, it is definitely not impossible to do well in because the key to proficiency in language is practice and application. I have learnt classical Arabic for 11 years now, and it has been a roller coaster of experience but if I can do well in it so can you!

Here are some resources and tips that I found useful in my IB Arabic learning journey you can use to improve your grammar and vocabularies so that you may use them in your essay writings and improve your Arabic skills:

1. is a comprehensive online Arabic content publisher that covers various topics that may be useful in essay writings. When used effectively, this tool can expand your vocabulary and prevent you from running out of ideas in your essay writings.

Tip: For IB Arabic B students, before your Paper 1, make a mind map of all the ideas and vocabulary words that cover the 6 IB themes because the topics of the essay questions will be 3 of the 6 themes.

2.,, and

These three are useful, easy-to-use conjugator websites that ease the process of essay writings. I used a conjugator table so much when I was in my first 6 years of studying Arabic that it became muscle memory to recall the rules. Now, I do not need to put in much effort in remembering and applying conjugation in my sentences.

Tip: memorising the conjugators in a form of a table is convenient to remember!

3. is a good translator app and website that provides different translations according to different contexts so that you do not use the wrong word for your respective situations. From personal experience, when I am trying to find the meaning of a word, Google Translate is not the best resource, as it may give the wrong definition in the wrong context which is a big no-no! Alternatively, Reverso gives you the words in sentences that may fit best with what you are looking for.

4. Almaany 

Almaany provides services for synonyms, antonym, translation for the Arabic language from various languages, (English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Persian, Indonesian and German) translation to English from various language (Dutch, Korean, French, German, Italian, Chinese and Indian) and even translation for Quranic words (since not all Quranic words can be directly translated without thorough study from Islamic scholars).

Tip: Using the synonym service is a great way to avoid repetitive words in your essay.

5. 3safeer is an interactive website and app that compiles stories for different age groups to boost grammar and vocabulary. It is similar to an audiobook so it also helps improve Arabic enunciation.

6. BONUS: Arabic Podcast: Arabic in 60 steps podcast. 

On this podcast, you’ll find Arabic lessons of all lengths!  It’s best suited for those that want to brush up on the Arabic foundation.

Overall, do not be afraid to keep writing and to make mistakes. Ask someone knowledgeable to identify grammar or spelling mistakes so that you can learn from them. Through mistakes, you are able to grow and find the excitement in this beautiful language! 

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    1. hey Anthony! As we are from an Islamic school, we used our school’s Arabic textbook to study :> I’m not sure if there’s a textbook for Arabic B. We usually go through the 5 IB themes & text types

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