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4 Essential Biology Resources That Will Save You!

I believe that every IB student has struggled with Biology at least once while taking the Diploma Program (and if you haven’t, wow I admire you). So, to help you along the way, here are 4 essential biology resources that will save you!

1. BioNinja

Preview of BioNinja Website

BioNinja is a website specially created to help students easily find the most relevant information on each subtopic of the Biology syllabus. It’s definitely one of the best sites to visit when exam time is coming!

2. CrashCourse

Crash Course is a YouTube channel with tons of useful videos. Not only does it have content that can help you in Biology, but also in other subjects like Chemistry and History. For Biology specifically, they have a playlist dedicated to their Biology introduction saga.

3. Amoeba Sisters

This YouTube channel creates content focused exclusively on Bio, but what makes it special is its unique and fun way that will help you understand better that topic that you have been struggling with. 

4. Alex Lee

Alex Lee is an IB Bio teacher with his own YouTube channel. Videos are created based on the IB Biology SL and HL syllabus, so whenever you have a question about something you saw in class, you should definitely check his channel out!

One thing that I have found useful for me is before reading the book, to look for material on any of the websites mentioned in the post to get a general idea of ​​what the topic is about and to be able to digest the information calmly. Then, you can proceed to read the book or the material assigned by your teacher.

I really hope that these tips have been useful to you! Comment down below if you know some more useful tips too. Good luck and stay safe!<3

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