5 Tips to Stand Out in College Applications

The application process is very prolonged and tedious but it is the crux of the entire process from applying to a particular university to interviews to the final decision. It plays a crucial part, so below are some of the tips that will help you boost your applications and make you stand out among the rest!!

1. Summer Programs 

Indulge in summer sessions (either the ones specific to your subject-of-interest or any leadership program). This will not only help you showcase your talent but also develop new interests and skills. In addition, you will be able to experience college life and develop your social skills by meeting new people who are from different parts of the world!

Examples: BOSS (Penn State), YYGS (Yale University) , RISE (Boston University) and LaunchX (MIT).

You can also check out the following article by IBlieve’s Grad Elena:

7 Academic Summer Programs to Apply to for 2021! (FREE)

2. Competitive Exams 

Competitive exams will help you showcase your academic strength for your applications. If you stand out in these competitive exams, you are likely to make a good impression and be  plus one in your resume. It acts as a better indicator for your ability to perform at college and shows that you will be able to cope with the rigor at the university.  

Examples- International Math Olympiad, MIT THINK and International Young Physicists’ Tournament.

3. Internships

Take part in internships which are related to the field of your interest. This will showcase how keen and interested you are in that field and you will also have some experiences you had that you can share. You can check, FindSpark, and InternMatch for finding out internships that you are keen towards. If you have many internships in mind but can only choose one then go for the one that you feel will not only help you grow but will also give you the opportunity to contribute the most. Do it for your enjoyment and learning and not just for the sake of it!

4. Indulge in research 

You can conduct research on anything but it is better to research on something that you are interested in or will be related to in your future study. This will indicate your willingness to not only learn something new but also challenge yourself to research about a topic in depth. It shows that you are not afraid of hard work.  You can also consider doing research with a group of students, which will showcase your collaborative skills! Do note that you will require an eligible Research Supervisor in order for your research to be considered a part of your application. 

5. Initiate a project

Initiating a project which can help you give back to the community or where you can showcase your talent and even others can benefit from it. This will highlight your potential and will show your hardwork and planning skills. Work on something that you are passionate about! Try to engage with your community through your initiated-project!

Other Tips:

  • Learn a new language. 
  • Read challenging books about your academic interest. 
  • Tell your own story! Be authentic in your SOPs to give a better understanding and a clear insight of who you are!!
  • Include supplementary materials that demonstrate your hobbies and passions. Examples include: musical performances, writings and photography portfolios. 

The application preparation process may be tedious, but if you indulge in the right activities, it can be a fun-filled venture too! Most importantly, believe in yourself! 🙂

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