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4 Tips to Being Productive

In the IB Diploma Program, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with projects, deadlines, and homework, and that’s totally ok! It is all part of the journey. But, it’s also important to manage your workload and know when to take a break. Here are a few of my favorite ways to stay productive and organized!

1. Find a Study Buddy

One of the best ways to stay accountable while doing homework is to work with someone else! Even if you’re in online school, you can plan to study with friends on Facetime or Zoom. My friend and I always video call while working on physics homework. We’ve found that we get less distracted and, while answering each other’s questions, we gain understanding that we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise! If you’re not able to study with someone else, another resource are YouTube ‘Study with Me’ videos. My favorite channel for these is Merve’s Study Corner. If you prefer music, Tan Yi’s videos are great.  And if you use the Pomodoro Method, you can watch The Strive Studies’s Channel!

2. Take (Productive) Breaks

It’s extremely difficult to stay focused for an extended period of time. But it’s also important to complete assignments. Planning productive breaks can help prevent burnout. For some, the Pomodoro Technique works for their studying, where you work in 25 minute intervals, followed by short, 5 minute breaks. For others, scheduling tasks into manageable chunks works better, allowing them to easily switch between different assignments as to not get bored. I personally prefer this method. I target my more difficult subjects first, then give myself breaks with the classes I enjoy more or work on my CAS experiences.

3. Keep Track of Assignments

Any IB student will tell you that time management is key. One of the best ways to manage various assignments and your tight schedule is by using a planner or calendar app. I’ve found that using a planner to write down my assignments in conjunction with Google Calendar is the best system for me. Regardless of what you choose, it’s important that you pick a method that works for you and keeps you on top of your assignments!

4. Reward Yourself

While receiving the IB Diploma is the long term goal we’re all working towards, it’s important to reward ourselves along the way for achieving short term goals. These rewards can be small, like getting a sweet snack after completing your assigned reading for English, or taking a much needed break to watch Tik Toks. Rewards are also a great way to stay motivated for bigger goals, including finishing the Extended Essay, your CAS Project, or Internal Assessments. 

In the end, the IB Diploma Program is what you make of it, and having strong productivity tactics is one of the many ways to make it more enjoyable and successful. If you’re struggling to stay organized or just looking for more ways to make your studying productive, I hope you are able to implement these tactics into your routine. And always remember, you have a community full of support here at IBlieve. You’ve got this!!

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