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How can I balance academic work with free time?

1. Hobbies

Have something that you do outside of academics, and concentrate on constantly being able to do that activity. It’ll take your mind off of the IB. Also, many lifestyle factors can contribute – make sure you consistently get good sleep, have a good diet and exercise.

2. Social Life

Make time for family and friends. At lunch time or break time don’t try and cram in some more work. Spend time with friends, have a good laugh, rant about a teacher or subject you’re struggling with. It will make you feel so much better to exist outside of work. Friends will give you much needed support and will listen to your struggles and remind you of better and easier times when you are not stressed. 

3. Relax

Also you need to understand that taking some time out, to relax and enjoy yourself will make the time that you do work more efficient. Do not feel guilty for not always accomplishing. You are not a machine. Ignore those who claim they are always working or that they aren’t working at all. If they are doing what they claim they are not commendable or doing better than you. In reality most of them are in the same boat as you and are doing a similar amount of work. Don’t overthink.

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