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Is the IB workload REALLY that bad?

The amount of workload during the two years of IB is really overhyped. Most Reddit comments reflect the attitudes of students who have fallen behind on their deadlines and have months of piled assessments. Don’t believe them.

Realistically, the workload of the IB is evenly distributed throughout the two years. If you keep up with deadlines, you are unlikely to ever be overwhelmed by pending work. Each school plans their syllabus differently, but normally, the content is spanned over a year and a half, with the remaining time given to IAs and mock exams. Since the IAs are a direct application of the content, teachers set deadlines that match with their syllabus sequence. As long as you make it a point to not miss out on submission deadlines, get feedback at the correct time, and make changes promptly, you will not get overwhelmed by the workload.

But if you miss a deadline, don’t get anxious! Continue keeping a positive outlook and prioritise the missed work. The moment you make it a priority, you are likely to quickly resolve it and tick off another task from your to do list! Do make it a point to check the annual submission schedule with your teachers, and consequently organize your revision sessions, CAS activities and time given for TOK and EE. Pre-planning is the key to avoid backlogs and an excessive workload. You can do it!

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